"I do not just want to read books; I want to climb inside them and live there." -Anonymous

January 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts & Giveaway Winners Announced

First of all I want to thank Bay for her wonderful bookmarks and prints!
Check out HelloBay Arts at FaceBook and Tumblr

I also want to thank everyone who entered our giveaway.

The 3 winners are:
R. Vance, Annabelle and Marjorie

Congratulations and Thank You!!

and now for my ...Thursday Thoughts.....

So as I get ready to start writing this post, I come to realize this is my first post this year!?
I have been catching up on my reading. In reality I have too many books to ever get caught up, and there will always be another book waiting for me to read.  I also have been busy with work (progress report time) and I am still unpacking and organizing my new home.

If only I can win the lottery so I can read and  travel. Books and traveling takes time and money. Books alone can be very expensive hobby. I am a little scared to go back  and see how much I spent on books last year. This year I am going to keep a journal, of book related expenses. I'm hoping I can keep a decent budget with my book spending so I can not be so broke every paycheck. (groceries are kind of important)

I also have decided that this is MY YEAR! What I mean by that is this year IS a fresh start for me. I'm a new and first time home owner. That feeling of being a home owner has renewed my confidence. I have many plans for my home with plans for personal goals that I have set. This is not a New Years resolution I am making, but a promise to myself to succeed and achieve goals I have planned. My two top goals, is to plan on going back to school to complete my studies and to get healthy and fit. I use to run and I want to be in running shape, to run a 5K by summer.

Everyone have a wonderful day!!!


January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!! I'm starting out the year with a Giveaway!!

I decided that my first giveaway for the year will be bookmarks and prints of three popular fairy tales designed by Bay. She has been  very generous with her time and talent helping me with the art work for my blog (and technical advice.) You can see her work on her Hello Bay Arts facebook page or her Tumblr. 

Here are the links:

Facebook Page


This Giveaway will be from Jan. 1st - Jan.  22nd
~I am only able to have this giveaway available for US & Canada Only~

I will choose 3 winners:

The first winner will receive all 3 prints and 3 bookmarks. 

The second winner will receive 2 prints and 2 bookmarks 
(of their choice).

The third winner will receive 1 print and 1 bookmark. 
(of their choice)

Size info:
The bookmarks are approximately 2½ x 6
The prints are on a 9 x 11 sheet , the color print on the 9 x 11 is approximately 10 x 3½

I can laminate the bookmarks and add a tassel on top if you like. 

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