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August 11, 2013

Do not judge a Book by it's Movie..Be thankful for all of them...

Movies can get non readers reading!! Do not judge a Book by it's Movie!!!

I have read a lot of comments from fellow book lovers about how a movie has ruined their favorite book.
A movie will never ruin a book for me because nothing can take away my experience I felt while reading a great book.
I also have read comments on how disappointed a movie was because so much was changed or left out etc. 
I for one have felt disappointed with several  movies and I did not think a second movie would be made.
I could write a long post telling the many reasons for my disappointments but this post will not be about that.

 Working with school aged children, I have the joy of being able to talk to them about books they are currently reading. I am well known for my love of reading so when they are excited over a book I get book recommendations and they want to ask me questions about books I've read also.  They want to share their feelings about a story, and hear how I felt.

Over the years I have seen more children pick up a book because of a new movie being released or a movie they just saw. I have wonderful job that I can have discussions with children over how the movie was different, and what was left out. 
A movie may be bad for some, and fans may voice their criticisms about a movie, and fans may even go as far as telling others not to bother seeing the movie. Well  I say....See the Movie regardless of what you hear . I have many times decided to wait to see a movie later when it is released to Netflix or Red Box.  Go into all movies based on your favorite book with an open mind and the knowledge that there will never be a movie based on a book that is going to satisfy everyone. 

So to sum this all up....I am thankful for all movies based on books. These movies can get everyone talking, especially children, and it may start a spark of curiosity to non readers !!!

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