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February 1, 2015

Wicked Love: A Weeping Willow Novel (Weeping Willow Series #3)

Wicked Love: A Weeping Willow Novel
(Weeping Willow #3)
By Sandra Madera
YA Paranormal Romance (16& up)
Published by Sandra Madera
Pub. Date: February 1, 2015
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Summary ~ from goodreads~

Waking up in a foreign land, Nalin ventures home only to find that it is not as he remembers it.  His parents are dead and buried. His sister has been ruling in his place.  He is wounded, and he dreams strange things...about a girl who call out to him in the darkness. 

Now that Nalin has returned to the Realm of Magic, the Elves hope that the end of the war is near, and the Ljósálfar can finally defeat the Dökkálfar after driving them underground.

However, it becomes clear that Nalin is not himself, and he knows it. He can't remember a large portion of  his life, and his parents have been killed. everyone around him is just as oblivious to the time that has been robbed from them.  Everyone except for the one that calls himself Avery. Nalin senses dark magic is at work when Avery talks of a raven-haired Elfling that traveled to the Realm of Disorder to save him from the clutches of the Dark King, a girl that has not returned. The same girl that cries out to him from his dreams.

Nalin knows better than to trust his Dökkálfar enemy, but something tells him this Elfling is not an ordinary girl.  He is determined to find the one called Willow and set time right.

My Review:

WOW! Sandra Madera is a wonderful story teller!  Another great cliffhanger ending!
Wicked Love is book 3 of the Weeping Willow Series and is a great addition to the series.
A fantastical story about Good vs. Evil, finding trust,  love, peace and redemption with others and  within ourselves.  
From the beginning of Willows life, Willow and Nalin have had many struggles, obstacles and tough choices to make. They have a love that is so intense that their souls complete each other. They are stronger when they are together.  Power hungry beings from different Realms plot with the Dark King  to get what they desire and  Nalin and Willow become victims in this plot.  Nalin will do anything to get Willow back and he finds one Realm that helps him by guiding him in the right direction to achieve in getting Willow back! Willow is everything to him. Willow is his love and completes his soul. 

After I finished the story what came to mind, is our life  left to fate or  destiny?  I would say yes and no. I believe we choose a path to take and depending on that choice we face certain obstacles and we have to make those right choices to keep us on the correct path.  If we make a wrong turn, we don't give up. We keep moving on to help others and ourselves. If we make awful choices we can't erase them but we can rectify what we've done by not making the mistakes again and moving forward. How we handle our struggles influences us into who we are as a person. It's easier to forgive others and difficult to forgive ourselves.

Weeping Willow Series:

Book 1 - Wicked Chemistry: Original Weeping Willow Shorts
Book 2 - Wicked Magic: A Weeping Willow Novel
Book 3 - Wicked Love: A Weeping Willow Novel
Book 4 - Wicked Voices: A Weeping Willow Novel ( Coming 2016 )

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