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September 14, 2012

Aventurine Heart by Carole Wood FREE ebook

I Loved this book!!!! I highly recommend it!!!!

Get it for free, read and enjoy this wonderful debut novel!!

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All of you who added Aventurine Heart to your to-read list, you can get it now for FREE at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view... Enjoy and spread the word!
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Forget gooey tales of innocent girl falls for perfect boy. AVENTURINE HEART's troubled heroine knows that even angels have a dark side! If you like your angels less fluffy and more edgy then this book is for you!
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Aventurine Heart
by Carole Wood
Paranormal Romance
Published by: Carole Wood Books
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Summary: ~from goodreads~

Alexa Mayfair is about to be just another  high school graduate when a tornado strikes her hometown of Fortraven, almost killing her.  During the course of the following months she learns of a darker side to reality, a dangerous secret that once uncovered can never be reburied. Along the way she falls in love with Eli, taking her down a road of torment and self sacrifice that pushes her to the very limits of her sanity...

My Review:

Love this book! This story captivated me from the beginning with expressive detail. I have to honestly say for me, just about any story that has Nephilims, Angels, demons and Good vs Evil peaks my interest to read that book. This is a great story about first love, friendship, family and heartbreak. It's about making tough decisions and sacrifices for the people we love. Accepting that even though sacrifices were made for others, it may not always have the desired outcome.
Alexa has had tradgedy in her life and she has been in a fog for quite awhile. She has been content to hang out with her best friend Sasha. She has only had close relationships with her mom, Sasha, and Zach (Sasha's brother), she has never had any  interest in making other friends. Alexa comes very close to dying in a tornado that hit her hometown. She miraculously survives while everything around her was destroyed. While unconscious she experiences a dream that she now wonders if it could of been real. The near death experience awakens her to her surroundings and she finally becomes aware of a new boy in her class named Eli. By facing many difficult obstacles in her life, Alexa becomes a very strong character. Loved the ending, it did surprise me. I so hope Carole Wood writes a second book to this story.

If you love reading about Angels, I highly recommend this book!!

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