"I do not just want to read books; I want to climb inside them and live there." -Anonymous

October 21, 2012

I am finally moved! Dreams do come true!!

I have been very busy going through the process of buying my first house! It took three months to finally close on the house and another month of packing. I have spent the last four days moving in to my house and thanks to my son and his friends the move is complete. I had a lot of obstacles thrown my way, and it looked at times it was not going to happen. I am so thankful and feel very blessed to have a wonderful daughter, son, mother, and close friends. There were times I started to feel discouraged, but they never let that happen. They became my  biggest cheerleaders in life. A special thanks to my daughter Beth who lives far away from me and could not be with me to enjoy the move. Without her I would never have considered and thought it was possible for me to own a house♥

♥My moving crew♥
I'm in the back, and from left to right: Ryan, Alex ( my son) Bay and Britt.
Not shown Adam( who helped later)
 and my BFF Christy who took the picture

Now the unpacking and decorating begins!!

Dreams do come true !!
 "who said that every wish would be heard and answered, when wished on the morning star......Someday we'll find it a rainbow connection the lovers the dreamers and me...."