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October 23, 2012

Haunted Week starts tomorrow!!

{This Girl Reads}

 A big thanks to Cheyenne, from {This Girl Reads} for hosting Haunted Week. There will be eight topics, one each day leading up to Halloween Day. The eight topics are:

10/24 -  Ghosts of Books Half-Read
Five books I began reading and never finished.

10/25 - Bats in Your Book Pages
Five things that drive me crazy in books.

10/26 - Skeletons on My Bookshelf
Five books that I have owned for a long time and never read.

10/27 - Back from the Grave
Five books I have read and loved as a kid.

10/28 - It Came from the Web
Links to five amazing book blogs I have discovered recently.

10/29 - Tricked or Treated
Five books I have read that was either a pleasent or nasty surprise.

10/30 - Written in the Tombstone
Five quotes from the last line of five books.

10/31 - Beware of Book Review
My review of a scary story I have just read for Halloween Week.

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  1. I am excited!! And I am participating in Haunted Week too. This is so much fun. I love Halloween!!

    Nice to meet you.

    All the Best,