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October 31, 2012

Haunted Week - Beware of Book Review ~ Day 8 ~ WARD 3 by Carole Wood

Happy Halloween!!!!! For the first time in many years, I live in a neighborhood that I will actually have children knocking on my door. I am so excited to pass out candy to the kiddos and see their costumes.
I will begin my last post for Haunted week with 'This is Halloween' from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"...press play and enjoy ;)

Day 8 of Haunted week, Beware of Book Review:

Goodreads - Amazon


by Carole Wood
Horror Novella
Published by: Carole Wood Books
Pub. Date July 8, 2012
eBook -Kindle
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥½

Summary:  ~ from goodreads~

After suffering a recent loss Matt Lindsey, a psychology student takes a placement in Fortraven Psychiatric Hospital.  Over the following nine weeks he discovers all is not as it seems.  He becomes concerned for the welfare of a patient named Abby after a string of violent, strange incidents occurs. Everyone in the hospital is in danger.  Can he help them before it's too late?

My Review:

I literally want to, SCREAM, YELL, SHOUT, AND SHAKE PEOPLE!!! READ CAROLE WOOD'S BOOKS!!!! She is an amazing Independent Author that is very talented.

I am having a hard time thinking how to write this review without spoilers. I normally do not read any books labeled horror, and I feel that anything I say may spoil the joy and ride you will have when you read WARD 3. 
I am instantly drawn into the first chapter and transported to a tragic beginning.  The main character Matt is later introduced.  Matt is a serious student and has set goal to achieve. A tragic event happens and he is forever changed. The path he is now on, leads him to meet Abby. Abby has her own tragic event that has affected her. She is trying to live a normal life and keep her sanity. Abby and Matt meet and together they learn to trust in others and themselves. This is a wonderful story! It is a supernatural,  horror, suspense, mystery, romance novella. It has it all. And if you read Aventurine Heart, Carole wood has a surprise for you in this book.

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