"I do not just want to read books; I want to climb inside them and live there." -Anonymous

November 20, 2012

♥Thankful for Terrific Authors♥

Today I'd like to recognize all the terrific authors, that took me on many journeys and gave me the opportunity to live so many lives. Here is a list of  authors I have read since last Thanksgiving.

In alphabet order:


  1. I recognize a few of these :O I do admire Amanda Hocking the most though. Isn't she the one who wrote Hollowed (zombie YA novel)?

  2. Yes, she did write Hollowed. I haven't read it though. I like her Trylle series, I thought it was very original. I read her My Blood Approves series, the first book was okay but good enough to read the second. I ended up liking it a lot.