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April 7, 2012

Pies and Potions by Rose Pressey

I discovered Rose Pressey last September. After reading her book How To Date A Vampire, I needed to read more of her books. I have read eight of her books, and I look forward to reading more.

Pies and Potions (Mystic Cafe #2)
by Rose Pressey
Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Rose Pressey
Pub. Date: March 1, 2012

Summary~ from Barnes&Noble~

Elly's back and dishing up more magic!
Elly Blair is finally getting the hang of her magic skills.That is, until the National Organization for Magic introduces her to a new type of magic: potions.
Each year before the fall equinox, a special potion must be given to the residents of Mystic Hollow, Kentucky. But when the spell goes awry, Elly fears she's to blame.
Handsome investigator Tom Owenton is back in town, but this time he's stripped of his badge. With Tom's arrival in Mystic Hollow, the Organization steps in and decides to shut down the entire town.


In this second book, Elly is now sure that she wants to stay in Mystic Hollow. She likes to cook and do magic to help the customers that may need it. Elly's grandma officially retires and decides to travel. Her grandma has full confidence in Elly's ability to run the cafe. Elly starts to lose confidence in herself when a spell goes wrong, Again?!
Learning how to cook with magic comes with a great responsibility to the town and she wonders if her grandma made the right decision by leaving so quickly.

There is a lot of suspense, mystery, romance, humor and a bit of magic that shakes things up! A "Funtastic" book!! Rose Pressey knows how to give her readers a fun and thrilling time.
Love the interactions among the characters. I laughed out loud many times reading Elly and Mary Jane's conversations. And Elly has that southern girl charm and her strong southern girl ways. I don't want to give away too much, but the mystery that the story has was written really well, I just did not want to stop reading. I had to find out who was responsible and why bad things were happening.

Rose Pressey does a great job writing her stories. In the Mystic Cafe series, Elly has a great best friend, Mary Jane, that helps her run the cafe. Elly also has two good looking men that are in love with her. I love how Rose has created this love triangle between Elly, Rory and Tom.  A great triangle is when the writer makes the reader not know which one is best for the main character in the story. I love both Rory and Tom and I will feel sad for whom ever Ella decides not to chose. Rory and Tom obviously care for Elly alot. Elly is not use to all this attention. She knows she has strong feelings for Rory but questions what her feelings are for Tom.

I recommend Rose Pressey's books. If you want a fun, mysterious, and a light paranormal romance check out her wonderful books she has written. I love all her books I have read. She has several series:







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