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April 15, 2012

Sandra Madera: Restraint Trilogy and her wonderful short stories

After reading two short stories, Weeping Willow Part 1 & 2, I felt like I discovered a hidden treasure through my Nook. I absolutely loved Weeping Willow. It can be difficult for a reader to enjoy a short story, but Sandra Madera does an awesome job writing them.
I wanted to read more of her books so I added her two other short stories to my Nook, Sangre Falls and Overboard. Sandra Madera impressed me with these books. I like the fact that all her stories were completely different. From Weeping Willow stories about Elves. Sangre Falls story about a vampire who sees the dead and Overboard  a  mystery that keeps you guessing.

It is wonderful to read stories from an author who's very versatile in her writing.

Here is a link to her short stories. Sandra created book trailers for each one.

Find out more about Sandra Madera. Check out her website.

Restraint (Restraint Trilogy #1)
by Sandra Madera
YA 16 & up
Publisher: Sandra Madera
Pub. Date: May 27, 2011
Rating: ♥♥♥♥½

Summary: ~ from Barnes & Noble~

Tragic circumstances bring two sisters, Laura and Linda, to a foreign land where they are stripped of their fortune and are at the mercy of their estranged uncle. However, strange happenings force Laura to believe their current situation was no accident. Something is after her.
After the abrupt death of her father, Laura Carter and her sister Linda, are shipped off to England by her uncle they barely know. They are taken to a large house in Annesley to begin a life of service.  When Laura becomes a governess to a young boy named Marcus, she begins to experience strange things in the night...horrible things.
Creatures in the night. Bite marks on her body.
Laura is about to discover a secret that has existed in her family for generations...
Something wants to possess her. It wants her blood, but it didn't expect her to resist and lose all restraint.


Laura is such a strong character. As soon as she figures out what is really happening to her, she chooses to find a way out of her situation. She becomes focused on helping others, making her a protector. She refuses to give up, making her a survivalist. I love the twist and turns this story takes. Not knowing where the story was going to end up made this a great book for me.
I love reading stories that are set in the Victorian era and I'm a huge fan of  classic literature. Being a fan of Sandra Madera's short stories, I was excited to read this novel. This story captured my attention right from the beginning. Tragedy, mystery, suspense, survival, horror and just a touch of romance. I do not normally read horror books but I have read a few. I happened to just read Bram Stoker's Dracula, just a couple of months before reading Restraint. I love the fact that Restraint gave me the feeling I had while reading Dracula. These vampires are not your typical modern day vampires(beautiful and hot). I don't have a problem with beautiful, hot vampires I love to read about them too. But  It was refreshing to read a story that resembles the classic vampire. These vampires can seem beautiful when they want to, but when the evil in them shows, it is then the vampire is seen for who they really are.


Lament (Restraint Trilogy #2)
by Sandra Madera
YA 16 & Up
Publisher: Sandra Madera
Pub. Date: January 31, 2012
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Summary: ~ from Barns & Noble~

Stranded in a foreign land, two sisters, Linda and Laura are on a quest to regain their fortune and rebuild their once normal life. However, the past they fought so hard to flee has caught up with them and each must face the consequences of their actions. For Linda, the price may be too high.
Something seeks her demise.
After the horrifying experience of fleeing for their lives, Linda Carter and her sister, Laura, are on a mission to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. however, they never expected their past to follow them.
Betrayed by those closest to them and left at the mercy of those they fought to escape, everything they planned goes horribly wrong as Linda is captured by her enemy and held captive in an attempt to lure Laura into a trap.
Can Linda escape without being bitten by the very beast she both feared...and loved?


A great second book to this trilogy. The book picks up from where Restraint ended. The first book was told in Laura's point of view, this second book is told in Linda's point of view. Linda has to now step up and be the strong one. She has to come to terms of what has happened. She faces the ugly truth of her family's history and that pure evil exist. Lament has more action, suspense, horror. Can Linda or Laura ever find happiness or love? One thing is for sure their lives will never be the same again.


The third book Malcontent  may be out by December 2012.

And Wicked Magic  A Weeping Willow novel  will be released soon.This will include both short stories.

I most definitely will be getting these Novels as soon as they are released!! I am also glad to hear that Sandra will be publishing soft cover books of Restraint,  Lament  and  Wicked Magic.

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