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April 14, 2012

♥Showing off my Grandson♥

Getting ready to work on reviews (that are overdue) I am determined to get caught up by tonight, even if I have to stay up and drink a lot of coffee :P

 Just would like to take a moment to share a few videos of Hunter. I live very far away and only get to interact with my grandson through Skype, videos and phone calls. Can't wait to fly out to see him(and of course my daughter and son-in law)

 The first one is very short and shows Hunter trying out the guitar and singing a song.

 The second video is Hunter discussing with his mom about his trip to the doctor. Hunter was fine getting his finger poked, he did not get upset at all. But when he had to pee in a cup, he thought that was so cool. He was very upset when the nurse took it away.

The third one is Hunter humming while he helps mommy clean.

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