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April 21, 2012

Small Blogs, Big Dreams Giveaway has ended.....

              Congratulations goes to Emilyn!!

My first giveaway has ended. A big thanks to everyone who entered. I love hearing what books everyone is looking forward to being released and comments of authors you've discovered. A special thank you to those following my Facebook page and Twitter.♥

Starting in May, I plan on creating a special monthly post, dedicated to authors and books that I and fellow book lovers have discovered. A special post to give a shout out to books/authors that have touched our emotions. A place to share books we recommend and have grown found of. I will set up a special link on my blog, that will go directly to the Shout Out About Books/Authors posts, so it will be easily available to view anytime.

My Facebook page will be the place to give your shout outs. Then monthly, I will post everyone's shout outs on my blog.   So if you just finished a book and you are just dying to share this right away, you can let others know on my Facebook page. I want this to be a place for readers only. I will also like everyone to only post positive comments and respect everyone's shout outs for their books they love. For those who do not have Facebook, you can direct message me on twitter or email me. My Link for Twitter and Facebook is on my blog and my email address is on my About Me page.

Thanks and Big hugs!!


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