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May 15, 2012

Book Review of Illumine by Alivia Anders


Illumine ( Illumine #1)
by Alivia Anders
Publisher: Alivia Anders
Pub. Date: January 7, 2012
My Rating: ♥♥♥½

Summary~from B&N~

For the past five months Essallie Hanley has been trying to forget about the frightening murder of her boyfriend. Haunted by vivid nightmares and hallucinations of the event she does anything she can to pretend she's like every other normal girl in High School.
Only Essallie is far from normal. Able to conjure blue fire and a shimmering silhouette of wings from her body, she seeks the only known solace left to her name; her first home in Belfast, Maine.
But she soon realizes that her return home is only the beginning of a long and twisted road taking her as far from her humanity as possible, with Kayden, the demon originally summoned to slaughter her, leading the way. Unable to touch her but oddly curious, he joins Essallie in her search to find out just what she is. But neither of them were prepared for the secrets they've begun to unravel, secrets that will change Essallie and everyone around her forever.

My Review:

I love the cover and I fell for the book! Overall, I enjoyed reading Illumine. There's mystery, suspense, romance and it has fun twist and turns. It was a book I found myself not wanting to put it down. At first, I had a difficult time figuring out the characters, especially Essie. I felt the beginning was slow because it did not flow smoothly at first for me. My attention was soon grabbed and as I read the book, it got better.
In the beginning I was not sure if this was a book for me. It did have a detailed gory scene, but it was necessary. This scene gives the reader insight to what the character Essie will be dealing with. Essie's world is quickly turned upside down. Everything she thought was true in her life was a facade. I hope to read more about her past and about her mom and dad. I want to know more details about what took place, to have Essie sent away from living with her brother. I am very glad I read this book. It developed nicely and it had a strong ending. My question I asked myself is, who is good or bad? There is no obvious answer to this question. There is not a clear cut answer to this. I want and need to find out more. I look forward learning more about this supernatural world Essie lives in.

The second book in the Illumine series, Obumbrate will be released on July 7, 2012


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