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May 22, 2012

Wuthering Frights by H.P. Mallory


Wuthering Frights (Dulcie O'Neil  #4)
18& Up ~Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
by H.P. Mallory
Publisher: HP Mallory
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Summary ~ from Barnes & Noble~

A father she never knew existed.
An impossible decision that had to be made.
A lie she must keep to herself at all costs.
And the realization that every choice she makes has consequences.

Fairy and law enforcement agent. Dulcie O'Neil, has just discovered that her father is the Head of the Netherworl, and a double-dealing, illegal potions importer. Worse yet, she's now working for him.

Kinght Vander, Dulcie's boyfriend and Head of the Association of Netherworld Creatures, is on to her father, but, in the process, will he discover Dulcie's secret? and if he does, will it mean his life?

My Review:
H.P. Mallory has never disappointed me. Wuthering Frights is the fourth book in the Dulcie O'Neil Series and I just can't get enough. It has it's twists and turns, mystery, suspense and  a romance in crisis. I love Dulcie and Knight and I want the best for them.  H.p. tortured me in this book. Poor Dulcie just can't seem to catch a break in her love life. Her and Knight keep running into situations that make this difficult. There was a certain chapter that had me yelling inside and it took a lot of self control not to scream out loud. I just became very mad at the direction the story was taking. It took me completely off guard and the ending was a great cliffhanger! H.P. Mallory does an excellent job drawing me into caring so much about her characters. My emotions are stirred up and I am eagerly waiting for the next book!!
I want the next book now!!

H.P. is great keeping in touch with her fans on Facebook. Her main characters from the Dulcie O'Neil series have their own Facebook pages and the fun continues while waiting for the next book. She also has weekly "parties" on Facebook with a lot of giveaways. It's a great way to to interact with other fans of H.P. Mallory's books.

H.P. Mallory's website : http://hpmallory.com/

Her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hpmalloryauthor


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